Our Solutions

Tailored Solutions in Hardware

Here are a selection of the various products the Nu-Worx Technologies Team has helped our clients build

Table Centrepieces

Our Interactive Lights and Experience System, equips guests with an encoded RFID tag that triggers a large screen display as they enter the venue. The display greets guests by name and directs them to their seat via an on-screen map and by physically lighting up their table until they are seated ó treating each one to a unique and memorable first impression. In addition, drums and brides Bouchette, that light up when stuck or shaken, can be used to signal all tables to attract attention, this easily is used to get a bride and groom to stand up and kiss.

RFID Laundry

RFID Laundry solutions allowed for each individual laundry item to be uniquely tracked across several sites and location known during transit. It allowed for confirmation of delivery, just in time billing for inventory needed and had far superior metrics and analytics. The solution virtually eliminated human error from counting and managing inventory, was able to show current inventory locations and was able to reduce shrink rates under 7%.

Enhanced Benchtop

Working with our partners at Nanalysis, the Nu-Worx team built new cutting edge reporting, analysis and security solutions for the NMReady line of benchtop NMR spectrometers. Compliance with industry regulations was the catalyst for this ambitious upgrade to this incredible product.

Cattle Tracking and
Biometric Monitoring

Cattle Tracking and Biometric Monitoring; for this project, a new lower cost and extremely long-range solution were needed. Traditional active RFID technology requires the placement of four to six large expensive antenna stations to be constructed about 10 to 15 kilometres apart. This overhead cost was well outside the means of most small or medium producers. Working with student groups from the School of ICT at SAIT to develop the communication backhaul. Our system is worn by cattle and records their activity within a 15km radius, transmitting the cattleís GPS and temperature information every one to five minutes to a monitored base station. Further data analytics can extrapolate herd behaviour patterns and send alerts whenever an animal is in trouble.

RFID Cattle

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Cattle Projects allowed for each individual animal to be tracked as it moved about the feedlot or auction house. Due to the use of RFID technology, the time an animal spends feeding is easily determined and alerts can be sent out to alert workers if one isnít eating or drinking required levels. This could indicate a sick animal and pre-emptive actions can be taken (get the animal treatment and return it to the herd) rather than reactive actions (finding the animal dead and losing all investment from that). The technology also allowed for optimization of feed costs by reducing feed waste and placing the more expensive feeds used for finishing to the most required places.

Rig Mats

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Rig Mats trace their location in remote areas using low-cost RFID tags and directional antennas affixed to trucks moving through the area, reducing replacement costs by 35 percent. The technical hurdles to overcome was the limited range of RFID transmission signals through mud and snow. Using custom designed antennas mounted to service vehicles travelling through the area our team was able to detect mats buried more than a 30 centimetres underground. Coupling with a logging unit in the service vehicle and a GPS unit the last known location of each tag was continually updated. If one didnít report for a period of time itsí last known location can be sent to a worker to dig it out and put it back in service.

Remote Communication

Communication between various oil rig sites is difficult at best and the configuration such solutions required expensive specialists using antiquated technology to solve such issues. Our team constructed a new telephony solution, allowing for several remote embedded devices to communicate with an on-site feature server that, in-turn, could communicate with a central web-based server that would allow for remote monitoring of the system. The client was then able to increase services and reporting for all customers thereby increasing their customer base.

Machine Prototype
Smart Vending

Machine Prototype Smart Vending machine system allows for user-friendly transactions via a mobile device. The result was an increase in both overall business and customer loyalty, thanks to improved customer satisfaction and evolved brand perception. Features included parental controls over which choices their children could choose, a tracking and billing history of choices. Included in this solution was an interactive touchscreen technology that allowed for advertising and a portal to the machine.

Enhancing the Retail

The Enhancing Retail Experience solution allowed for a customer to use their mobile phone as a gateway to a vast array of interactive displays and features throughout the store. Displays would personalize marketing to each customer as they approached, inventory could be found through a map-based system on the phone using Augmented reality or in other cases signal LEDís would light certain colours as the customer closed to direct them towards the inventory sought. The customer could even share these unique experiences with others via social media or even via an in-store digital photo wall that they could send pictures of their experience to for printing or sharing.

JB King
Maker Space Camp

The J.B. Maker Space Camp is named as a tribute to John Brock King the Third (or J.B.). He had over 20 years of software development experience, working for many Seattle dot-coms, and helped build the Nu-Worx family with Dean Brennan at SAIT. Together they helped others learn and master the technology industry. J.B., like many in the technology industry, had high functioning autism, and struggled with the stigma and lack of understanding associated with this condition. The Nu-Worx team is honored to work with those like JB. With the goal of providing youths a safe community of kindred spirits, the J.B. Maker Space Camp hopes to show the next generation that they are indeed strong and powerful.