Our Solutions

Custom Big Data, Machine Learning and AI Solutions

Here are a selection of the various products the Nu-Worx Technologies Team has helped our clients build. Using leading big data techniques, machine learning tools and custom solutions, the Nu-Worx team provides actionable intelligence from your data.

Creating Context for Customer Feedback

CustomerVerse, provides the context and framework required to collect and deliver real-time customer feedback in a way that can be understood and utilized by businesses to improve customer satisfaction. Using our proprietary sentiment lexicons and algorithms, we can extract useful information from your customers' responses to help you improve the quality of the customer relationship.

Enterprise Data

Enterprise Data Modeling provided the comprehensive simulations required to eliminate as many risks as possible on the path to ensuring flawless execution. The team worked with the client to ensure the integration of the web-services being deployed to ensure proper data-loads were maintained. Our team researched, developed and implemented a month long system test to ensure that even under the most adverse conditions the data loss was eliminated.

Cattle Farmers Use
Big Data

Cattle Farmers Use Big Data offers the cattle industry an affordable forecasting engine that can analyze more than one sextillion (one thousand trillion) possible weekly paths for the animal, before predicting the optimal time to sell. It looked at all the various input factors that would affect the costs to raise and maintain these animals, perform complex regression and big data analysis on such to allow for the little guy to take on the giants

Improved Oil Reserve Forecasting Models

When an oil and gas client’s existing methodologies failed to accurately manage their reserves, "Improved Oil Reserve Forecasting Models" involved the construction of several advanced statistical model tests to better understand the problem. Equipped with this data, new methodologies were tested in concert with current Monte Carlo methods to confirm the validity of our new designs. The result was a more accurate management system, increased revenue and extended well output timelines.

RTLS Algorithm

The creation of a new Real-Time Location Tracking System (RTLS) algorithm was developed utilizing passive UHF RFID technology. The result of this solution saw the publication of an IEEE article in the 15th International Carpathian Control Conference (ICCC) held in May of 2014. This ground-breaking research precipitated a change in how these systems were constructed and analyzed.

Business Metrics

Customer-Centric Business Metrics, our Customer Relationship Diagnostic (CRD) is a business intelligence solution that helps companies measure, evaluate and improve the health of the customer relationship. The CRD gathers and displays reliable and valid loyalty metrics via straightforward executive dashboards, that are used to ensure customer input drives important business decisions.