Our Solutions

Machine Prototype Smart Vending

The way the world pays for products is changing, and the vending industry is not immune to its demands for innovation. The ability to offer unique customer specific experience is even required to gain a competitive advantage in this industry with the massive growth in technology.

Our new, web-based, smart vending machine system allows for user-friendly transactions via mobile device. The result was an increase in both overall business and customer loyalty, thanks to improved customer satisfaction and evolved brand perception. Features included parental controls over which choices their children could choose, a tracking and billing history of choices. Included in this solution was an interactive touchscreen technology that allowed for advertising and a portal to the machine.

Our Findings

The real value of this system came from the advanced analytics and AI learning that could be applied to customer demographics, purchase trends and allowed for better targeted marketing to increase overall sales. This information could be packaged as reports to be sold back to vendors to allow them better insight into purchasing and product trends to maximize their profits.

These technologies could be applied in many other automation solutions. The ability to know your customer is beyond important in today's ever increasingly competitive market.