Our Team

Dr. Bob Hayes

Data Science, Customer Experience/Success, Machine Learning

Bob holds a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology with an emphasis in quantitative methods and research design. He is well-respected in the field of Big Data and data science. He was recently identified as a top expert (#14 and #8) in Big Data.

He is currently conducting leading edge research on the topic of data science to help clarify its meaning and understand the professionals who practice it. He has over 25 years of consulting and research experience. He has managed customer satisfaction research as an employee to Fortune 500 firms, and as an independent consultant. With numerous published articles in both scientific and trade journals and presented at national and international conferences as a keynote speaker on such topics as customer experience management (CEM) best practices, implications of Big Data for CEM and selecting the right loyalty metric.

Dean Brennan

CTO/Overseer/Manager Research & Development

Dean lives in perpetual “fast-forward” mode. He chases an idea and, with help from his team, it snowballs quickly. He has been blessed with a talented group of individuals who can deliver any solution they promise. Software, hardware, world domination – his team has it covered. When he’s really lucky they even let him play, too. He has 15 years’ software engineering experience as a developer, architect, and project lead.

Dean has worked on ground breaking projects spanning a myriad of industries and problems. His seminal paper Real Time Location System using Passive UHF RFID published in IEEE in April, 2014 makes him an internationally renowned leader in RFID technology. In addition he lead the RFID Application Development Lab for Applied Research and Innovation Services at SAIT during its major Cattle RFID project. Later his work with FGL Sports and Canadian Tire saw him construct massive retail applications using RFID technology.He has built systems that leverage tracking solutions in several mediums, massive data analytic engines, distributed systems, big data, machine learning, augmented reality, and tangible interactive technology to name a few. If it can be thought of, likely Dean is the man to get it done.

Ben Clayton

VP Product & Design

With a BSc in Robotics and a Masters in Business with Industrial Design, Ben is a driven, highly creative, artist, entrepreneur and consultant; with a strong environmentally sustainable focus, and extensive knowledge in the media and design disciplines; Mobile, Online, TV, Film, Software, Electronic, Mechanical, & Industrial.

Extensive experience in product development and media; Ben understands product development life-cycles, and digital film production/post workflows, working in both commercial and non-profits environments. He has developed new technologies, media, research projects, products, and businesses; written, and been awarded, multiple grants/proposals; worked with over 1400 leading tech-entrepreneurs, designers, scientists, creative directors, filmmakers, and artists from around the world; and organized many training programs, workshops, think-tanks, and month-long artistic residencies.

He is a seasoned member of the start-up movement, always at the intersection of art, media, and technology, and has worked with teams as diverse as sculpture, new media, digital media think tanks, green energy, bio/smart materials, film production, ancestral indigenous culture, and emerging robotic technologies. Ben creates products, ecosystems, blurs human and computer, challenges norms, and strives to better our world for humanity.

Juniper Willard

Senior Embedded Engineer

Juniper Willard has acquired in excess of a decade of professional experience in hardware and software in a wide array of industries, and is registered as a Professional Engineer with APEGS. He is currently engaged in designing control systems for a particle accelerator.

One such project involved creating a power budget and designing power conversion for the backplane of a telecommunication switching module. While creating a system capable of withstanding loads up to 200% of maximum and temperatures up to 80℃, costs were reduced by $15.00 per unit, for a total savings exceeding $1,500,000 annually.

Another project involved creating a multi-threaded embedded testjig for power management, configuration, and testing during manufacturing. This required simultaneous communication with eight devices via bit-banged SPI while monitoring conditions and relaying commands from a server, and maintaining the degree of reliability that a manufacturing environment requires.

A final example would be the efforts for the compensation controls for an insertion device. This is the most complex insertion device of its type attempted, and possesses three degrees of freedom, which necessitated the creation of three-dimensional calibration tables and trilinear interpolation routines. In addition, the online mathematical modeling routines required parallelisation which was accomplished with independent iterators over integration, and decreased calculation time in excess of 400%.

Jason Cripps


Jason is a man of many talents and yet can easily be described by a single word, artisan. Jason is a builder, an artist, a craftsman, a poet, and a leader. His early career saw him working as a graphic artist and game developer for companies like Bio-Ware where he designed and developed new characters we all loved. His work in marketing and branding was industry leading.

However Jason didn’t stop at the digital frontier, he as was said is a true artisan. He is an expert in the construction industry, building new houses and designing new and custom solutions for clients. He crafts jewellery and other such pieces. He’s worked in mediums ranging from crystal, glass, bronze, copper, gold, silver to steel fabrication. He custom Viking suits of armour are each a work of art, yet battle ready.

Merging his digital and physical abilities, Jason has moved into tangible design using rapid prototyping tools such as injection moulding and 3D printers.