Our Solutions

Enhancing the Retail Experience

Retail has changed little for the traditional brick and mortar stores in nearly a century. The inclusion of location aware technology to customers or monitor metrics of traffic pattern movements turned customers away as they appeared to be Orwellian or invasive to the customer. As such the rapid advances in IoT technologies didn’t foster in the retail landscape.

Our solution allowed for a customer to use their mobile phone as a gateway to a vast array of interactive displays and features throughout the store. Displays would personalize marketing to each customer as they approached, inventory could be found through a map based system on the phone using Augmented reality or in other cases signal LED’s would light certain colours as the customer closed to direct them towards the inventory sought. The customer could even share these unique experiences with others via social media or even via an in store digital photo wall that they could send pictures of their experience to for printing or sharing.

Our Findings

Retailers seeking a way to differentiate their product advertising are turning to augmented digital experiences. Our solution analyzed customer trends and patterns, and translated the data into into information that could be used to guide marketing campaigns, bundling offers and sweet-spot pricing. The result was a 60 per cent profit increase.

These technologies could be applied in many trade show venues, weddings, or other public events where unique personal engagement whilst becoming part of the experience is a boon for business.