Our Solutions

Remote Communication Systems

Communication between oil rig sites can be challenging, and configuring solutions requires expensive specialists using antiquated technology. In remote locations traditional cellular communication systems become unviable due to infrastructure costs needed to implement them.

Our new telephony solution allows for several remote embedded devices to communicate via central, web-based servers that allowed for remote monitoring of the system. It equipped our clients to increase services and reporting for customers, which led to an increase in their customer base.

Our Findings

The remote location of such solutions made traditional solutions that needed constant communication with a central server unviable. Our distributed solution allowed for each radio or phone to become its own “central server” for the purposes of this solution. Each had formed the backhaul of a large mesh-network that would be self-healing and allow for substantial increases in coverage range all together. As each unit had its own low-cost embedded solution it could easily be used to give high-speed internet in locations one would not expect. On one such test of our solution surrounded by mud and feed animals one of our team members had a video chat with his mother on her birthday where no cellular signal could reach. This was due to the clever combination of mesh and directional wireless technology our team built.

The Nu-Worx teams’ knowledge in such could easily see such a solution be implemented in a remote location where communication is limited. Work alone solutions to monitor worker safety is another such implementation of such a solution.