Interactive Centerpieces

A New Event Ecosystem

Nu-Worx Technologies Inc. has designed an interactive table centrepiece and system that has functionality beyond attractive decor; to organize and coordinate your guests; with seamless, intuitive, ambient, and interactive event management.

We have created a simple to use, elegant and completely customizable system, which does the following and more:

  • An automatic wireless check-in experience that visually and intuitively guides guests to tables.
  • Interactive table centerpieces, customizable in lights, colours, and design to fit any style of event.
  • A seating and table arrangement screen, that identifies guests tables complimenting interactive centerpieces.
  • An interactive bride’s Bouquet to manage toasts, speeches, and guests during the event.
  • A tablet computer to manage information on attendees, their table, centerpieces and Bouquet.
  • Subtle gamification of the wedding event, enhancing the experience and simplifying the coordination.
  • Potential to add real games, slideshows and quizzes, engaging attendees, making magical memories.
  • On-site event support, to manage the technology and system during the event, for you and your customer.

Let Our Team Make Your Event

Be at the leading edge of the event technology revolution, showing guests an experience they will always remember!

Currently, we are accepting new contracts for vendors, rentals, and long-term leasing arrangements; able to customize our package for work functions, conferences, weddings, Christmas parties, basically any get together you can think of.

It would be a pleasure to meet in person and give you a 10-minute demo of our ground-breaking technology.

Please let me know when you might be able to meet. Our sales team would be happy to hear from you.

Change How You Manage Events

The Nu-Worx team developed a new system that will allow for each table at an event to have a unique LED display that can be controlled from a main system. Each attending patron to an event will have a nametag or lanyard that is encoded with a low-cost RFID tag (1 dollar each). As they enter the event they will see a large screen with a table layout of the event function followed by their name appearing on the screen and the table image on the screen will begin to flash a color to show them which table they are seated at.

The system we’ve built will also have the table light up the exact color as on the screen directing the patron to their table. This creates a unique and memorable way to eliminate stress at the opening of an event.