Our Solutions

Enterprise Data Modeling

The Government of Alberta’s new web-based registration and booking system needed a bullet-proof data-warehouse capable of surviving even the worst-case disaster scenarios, without losing data integrity.

Our solutions provided the comprehensive simulations required to eliminate as many risks as possible on the path to ensuring flawless execution. The team worked with the client to ensure the integration of the web-services being deployed to ensure proper data-loads were maintained. Our team researched, developed and implemented a month long system test to ensure that even under the most adverse conditions the data loss was eliminated.

Our Findings

During the initial testing it was quickly discovered that a third party vendor’s tool couldn’t even deliver the lowest level of data throughput to our data structure for the team to even give it a minimum sign off value. The testing plan had seven higher levels that had to be tested, however it wouldn’t matter as the existing system being implemented by the vendor was unable to handle such load. The Nu-Worx team sprung into action assisting the vendor in shoring up performance leaks within the current code base and was able to get the testing fully underway within a week. Once testing was fully underway, the data model was flawless, never broke and could handle all that was thrown at it save for a complete power loss in both data hives.

The Nu-Worx teams’ knowledge in enterprise architecture is invaluable to all solutions we deliver. This experience with most modern data structures as well as big data, AI and machine learning methodologies allows our team to deliver the best to our clients at all times.