Our Solutions

Creating Context for Customer Feedback

No amount of customer-generated feedback is useful if it cannot be translated into usable information. Customers who are happier with your products and service will recommend you to their friends, purchase different types of products from you and will be around for the long-term.

Our solution, CustomerVerse, provides the context and framework required to collect and deliver real-time customer feedback in a way that can be understood and utilized by businesses to improve customer satisfaction. Using our proprietary sentiment lexicons and algorithms, we can extract useful information from your customers' responses to help you improve the quality of the customer relationship. Based on these two questions, you will be able to understand, track and improve customer sentiment.

Our Findings

There are five primary benefits to using CustomerVerse. The CustomerVerse helps you:

  1. Save money. CustomerVerse is a cost-effective way to understand your customers needs.
  2. Obtain reliable, valid and useful information about your customers. Insights gleaned from the CustomerVerse are comparable to longer surveys.
  3. Hear from more of your customers. Shorter surveys have higher response rates.
  4. Minimize customer effort. CustomerVerse provides customers a quick and easy way to tell you what you need to do to win their business. Respect your customers' time.
  5. Identify operational best practices, track sentiment and understand customer segments. Using our proprietary Customer Sentiment Index, you will be able to test hypotheses about your customers.

The Nu-Worx teams’ knowledge in big data, AI and machine learning could easily see such a solution be implemented in any business to assist them in knowing their client. The push towards data-driven decisions is critical in the methodology of fail fast and move on. If you know your customer you sales grow, it is that simple.