Our Solutions

Cattle Tracking and Biometric Monitoring

The loss of cattle can add up to huge expense for ranchers, which is why our solution offers such measurable value. The cost of a single cow ready for slaughter can easily reach 3000 per animal. Ensuring the maximum viability of such a commodity is of paramount importance. However for small to medium producers traditional RFID technology isn’t a viable option due to the vast area needed to be covered.

A new lower cost and extremely longer range solution was needed. Traditional active RFID technology requires the placement of four to six large expensive antenna stations to be constructed about 10 to 15 kilometers apart. This overhead cost was well outside the means of most small or medium producers. Working with student groups from the School of ICT at SAIT to develop the communication backhaul. Our system is worn by cattle and records their activity within a 15km radius, transmitting the cattle’s GPS and temperature information every one to five minutes to a monitored base station. Further data analytics can extrapolate herd behaviour patterns and send alerts whenever an animal is in trouble.

Our Findings

Using the Nu-Worx team's vast experience with big data and machine learning the team was able to determine highly valuable information to the producers on field yield rates, cattle feeding times, cattle movement behaviors and allowed for very simple and low cost procedure changes for the producer to increase profits by 15 to 20%

The Nu-Worx teams’ knowledge in could easily see such a solution be implemented in a retail environment to track all such livestock based industries.