Our Solutions

Cattle Farmers Use Big Data

Knowing the definitive lifetime cost of raising a cow is not only extremely difficult for the average small to medium-sized cattle farmer, it’s paramount towards maximizing profits. With feed costs, cattle prices and all other input factors fluctuating throughout the year knowing when to sell the animal for maximum profit can make a massive financial difference for these producers.

Fortunately, our solution offers the cattle industry an affordable forecasting engine that can analyze more than one sextillion (one thousand trillion) possible weekly paths for the animal, before predicting the optimal time to sell. It looked at all the various input factors that would affect the costs to raise and maintain these animals, perform complex regression and big data analysis on such to allow for the little guy to take on the giants.

Our Findings

In testing this solution we had a complete novice city boy purchase cattle for a cattle partner at a livestock auction. Armed only with a mobile phone running this application the novice would enter the date the cows being sold were born, and the current weight of the animal. Our solution rapidly was able to tell this novice with high degree of certainty if the animals being bid on were a value or not. It was later determined that the return on the investment from that novice test as almost double. The novice beat the industry experts through big data.

The Nu-Worx teams’ knowledge in big data, AI and machine learning could easily see such a solution be implemented in a retail environment to track all such livestock based industries.